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Welcome to Adam's Weather for Gamston, Nottingham, UK

 Welcome to my website. I am a keen weatherman who graduated with a BSc Environmental Sciences from the University of East Anglia. 

 This website is purely for the purpose of sharing weather data i have with the world so that people become interested in the weather as much as i am. 

A weather station is continually recording weather readings in my back garden in Gamston, nottingham. You can view these records on the past weather record tab above. *updated monthly 

Additional personalized forecasts can be requested for the UK with the first 5 being free and a small donation of 80p thereafter for a forecast. Can be contacted through this website or through the facebook page linked below to receive the forecasts.

Seasonal forecast

Autumn 2015 - 

September should keep the warmth from the warm summer with a possible chance of a stormy period at the end of the month which will drastically change the temperature and bring increased rainfall to much of the country, except for the east coast of England and south east. October will be the cool down month with temperatures expected to be just below average with unsettled conditions throughout the month. November calms down slightly with more settled conditions meaning temperatures should sit just above average for the month, except for in Scotland who could start to see some increased rainfall amount, possibly falling as widespread snow.

Winter 2015 - 

A pretty average winter is expected in 2015 with temperatures mild for a time, however January and/or February could see exceptional cold with long periods of snowfall expected throughout this period, especially in Scotland. Mean temperatures should stay just above zero during January and February in much of England and Wales, with some snow over higher ground in Wales

(Updated 05/05/2015)

Spring 2016 - 

After a milder winter overall with a cold snap in February, the spring will keep cold at first with March expected to be slightly cooler than average with perhaps still some snow lying on the ground in lowland areas in northern England and Wales. April will only be average or just above average temperature wise with high pressure dominated in the early part but a stormier end to April. Showers may persist in eastern areas throughout April whilst the rest of the country will be dry. May is looking slightly more settled and warmer than average as high pressure dominates again meaning May is looking a dry month with below average precipitation.

(Updated 26/10/2015)

Past predictions - 

Winter 2014 -
A colder than usual winter expected with some snow, but not exceptional snowfall with mainly a stuborn high expected to develop and dominate the general pattern. At times this high could introduce some mild days during January with the main snowfall forecast for December months.

Updated (15/11/2014)

Spring 2015 -
A much milder than average spring expected with atlantic low pressure systems tracking through for March and into April. During the end of april and may a higher pressure tends to the UK introducing much warmer conditions than average. With many atlantic lows tracking through a slightly raised amount of rainfall will be present for March and April also.

Updated (17/2/2015)

Summer 2015 -
After a milder spring the summer is going to be rather average with some Atlantic low pressures tracking through. A relatively stormier summer is expected meaning exceptional rainfall in isolated areas, however many areas will see lower than average rainfall amounts.

 Updated (17/2/2015) 

Any up to date (day to day) forecasts then call Weatherquest on 09065 77 76 75.
Calls are charged at £1.50 per minute plus a network access charge. Call us 6am - 6pm everyday. 

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